MiskoDogo Kennels is a U.S. breeder of the Dogo Argentino. We have introduced the best lines in the world into our kennel. We only breed dogs that pass all of the genetic tests required by our program (i.e., hips, elbows, hearing). Although our breeding stock comes from a long line of champions and reputable breeders, more importantly our complementary breeding/selective pairing allows us to amplify quality characterizes and reduce risk of line deterioration. We are committed to excellence within this breed!


For more information on available litters please visit our PUPPY NEWS or feel free to CONTACT US



Most of our puppies are spoken for well in advance.  If you would like to be added to our waiting list you may reserve your Dogo Argentino puppy by filling out the contact form to the(RIGHT) and we will put you on our mailing list with new litter information and chances to get on a wait list.

At MiskoDogo Kennels our Dogos are family. Breeding is centered on quality and care. Litters come but only 2-3 times/year. To insure quality care and excellent temperament all of our puppies are hand raised within our home amongst our children. 

Visit our Breed Information and Frequently Asked Questions pages for more info.



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